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About SSF

What Super Fresh Foods Does

Super Fresh Foods Inc. is a group of companies operating from an industrial kitchen in Burnaby, BC, Canada to produce and deliver quality convenient meals to businesses, industrial facilities, events, film sets, and homes.

The brands associated with Super Fresh Foods provide a variety of options for people and meet their need for healthy delicious meals and beverages.

Chef prepared healthy fresh meals

Convenient healthy frozen meals

Mobile barista service

Large scale catering

Large scale sandwich supplier

On demand sandwich delivery

White label food production

Last mile food delivery service

Super Fresh Foods is a large scale production kitchen providing effective solutions for businesses in the food industry and their customers.

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We deliver success through a blend of proven expertise and willingness to embrace change. We are always integrating fresh ideas, simple solutions and new ways to serve our customers. Our combined knowledge helps us streamline our operations and processes so we can consistently produce healthy, convenient and delicious food.

Our Approach


The Super Fresh Foods Advantage is our Processes and Technology 


Super Fresh Foods  is able to produce large amounts of product and deliver it to the end user because of the systems we have put into place. Our proprietary software tracks orders for delivery and sources the best prices from suppliers, so our brands and brand partners can have "Just in Time" inventories, thereby keeping food costs down.


Our kitchen staff has systems and processes in place to fulfill large orders for thousands of people or small orders for one person with the same quality every time. Each menu is designed with the process in mind. Some recipes hold their quality when frozen and others are better when delivered fresh. Menus are created knowing how the meal is going to be processed, delivered, stored, and consumed to provide the best meal experience possible.


The delivery division uses the technology to plan, facilitate, and track the last mile delivery of food to the customer. The systems enable the Super Fresh Foods brands to provide different delivery services based on the type of order placed. Whether it is an "on demand" order, a meal subscription service, a large event, or a corporate lunch, our systems facilitate the best delivery plan possible. 

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