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Super Fresh Foods Inc. is a group of companies operating in the food production sector. We are committed to providing quality food to homes, businesses and industry partners.​ 

Our production kitchen is located in Burnaby, BC, a central location for delivering food to retailers, businesses, industrial parks, film sets, and homes. The Super Fresh Foods proprietary system tracks meals from ordering, ingredient acquisition, and meal prep right through to delivery. We know exactly what we need to make the meals, where the ingredients come from, and how it is going to get to its intended destination. It was designed with the All Your Meals vision to provide busy people with healthy and delicious meals in a timely manner, via the most safe and secure supply chain, at the highest possible standard.

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Our Mission

How people eat is changing and Super Fresh Foods is positioned to meet this growing demand by delivering chef prepared, healthy high quality meals. We believe people want convenient meals, which are both healthy and delicious. It is our goal to  meet the growing demand for quality convenience food in a health conscious society. 

OUR People

Super Fresh Foods is backed by decades of experience in both the food and technology industries. We've built a strong team of experienced individuals with the skills to build the Super Fresh Foods vision.

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